Sleep State Highlights High School Awkwardness In Indie-Pop Single

Sleep State Highlights High School Awkwardness In Indie-Pop Single

Sleep State Highlights High School Awkwardness In Indie-Pop Single


High School.

There is hardly a context in which humans cut their teeth in awkwardness so ruthlessly.

“I’m an expert at living in discomfort.”

Too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet. Too prude, too slutty, too weird, too perfect.

It was a barrier to some, a challenge for others, and a call to action for those who didn’t let the mirror stand in the way.

High school is a time of trying to fit into the narrow gap of social acceptability. A prerequisite to the experiemtnal fuck-it-all of college. Try to hard and be shunned – of course, the ones who seemed to try the least often led the pack.

And of course, their were the crushes. Awkward small talk and cliche first dates. Nothing like learning the ins and outs of love while trying to pay a homeless man to buy you a bottle of red.

Make the smallest mistake and endless small talk and drama began to swirl. Even before it was all on the Book, you could bet it was posted in the gossip of students – from the jocks to the goths.

But you know what?
I’m fucking proud of my high school awkwardness – it got me to who I am today. So despite all the teenage angst and self-doubt, here’s to my awkward teens. You were a hell of an overweight, chess-club, swim team captain.

Stream Sleep State – “Awkward” below:

“Awkward” is the latest single from Orange County’s Sleep State. Produced by Adam Castilla of The Colourist, the single evokes the sense of social anxiety that largely characterized lead singer and guitarist Troy Ritchie’s experience in high school.

Primarily about a girl whom Ritchie, admittedly, didn’t know very well but had nonetheless placed on a pedestal, the lyrics are relatable to anyone who recalls adolescence as a time of petty drama or isolation.

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