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All The Luck In The World Finds Meaning In The Small Moments With “Contrails”

“The less we know, the more we seek. In every loss, there’s discovery.” 86,400 seconds in a day. 86,400 fleeting moments to make something happen. The spaces in between define us more than than we think. The small, arbitrary decision, moments, ephemeral choices unconsciously picked upon because it was the the thing happening in the […]

The King’s Parade Addresses Gender Imbalance In Soulful Single “Woman”

“You play ball like a girl!” -The Sandlot And all the little ways we’ve undercut our counterparts continue to add. Witnessing gender imbalance on a daily basis, London quartet The King’s Parade is using their music to instead celebrate and uplift – an alt-soul anthem for empowering the feminine. The tides are turning, and we […]

Little Quirks Meet Their Edgier Folk Rock Selves In New Video

Aren’t we all searching for our true selves in one way or another? Through searching and self-discovery, all female troupe, Little Quirks, unwinds both sides of their inner beauty. We could all use a little soul searching as we move into the New Year. Isn’t that what the New Year’s all about, anyway? After all, […]

Aaron Taos Has Us Feeling All Twisted & Tongue-Tied In New Single

When I see you I get all shook up. I don’t know what it is, but I’m drunk and high on this love-feeling. Then I start stuttering and talking fast when you’re around. Of course, I’ll go over it all in my head a thousand times later. What perfume do you put off that has […]

Need To Open Up More? Stage Republic Is Here To Help

Are you afraid to open up to others? If so, chances are you’re missing out on a whole new world with amazing new people. Don’t believe me? Just ask Stage Republic, the Netherlands-based musician who got to work with one of the best in the biz just by starting a conversation in a restaurant. “In […]