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imi Paints With Sound In Dramatic Synthwave Single “Margins”

Juxtaposing delicate vocals with roaring synths, imi paints a bold and colorful soundscape in “Margins”. Blue waves of sound come crashing down around you as brilliant red flashes of white and yellow light pelt your visual cortex. Music morphs, color changes, and finding the edge between b-flat and navy blue is getting quite difficult. A […]

[PREMIERE] Fluencie Find Their Feelings In Future-Pop Single “Night Life”

If you’re from the Pacific Northwest you may have heard of rising electronic act Fluencie. If not, you’re about to. The artist from Seattle, Washington sublimely blend the driving rhythms of dance with melodic and atmospheric vocals to create a vibe that stands out from the highly saturated EDM scene. Their lush, echoey synths establish […]

[DREAM/POP] Wanderhouse – “Sugar”

It’s a cold day in Chicago, and cold days generally find me cooped up inside listening to the chilled out sounds of winter. Los Angeles based duo Wanderhouse has that perfect-spend-the-day-under-the-covers sound with their chilled out dream pop single “Sugar.” Comprised of Marie Moreshead and Doctor Rosen Rosen, Wanderhouse’s fragile single talks of lonely times, […]