[DREAM/POP] Wanderhouse – “Sugar”

[DREAM/POP] Wanderhouse – “Sugar”

[DREAM/POP] Wanderhouse – “Sugar”


[DREAM/POP] Wanderhouse - Sugar

It’s a cold day in Chicago, and cold days generally find me cooped up inside listening to the chilled out sounds of winter. Los Angeles based duo Wanderhouse has that perfect-spend-the-day-under-the-covers sound with their chilled out dream pop single “Sugar.” Comprised of Marie Moreshead and Doctor Rosen Rosen, Wanderhouse’s fragile single talks of lonely times, empty emotions, and reaching out to find that one person who can fill those lonely nights with some sugar lovin’. Marie’s voice drips with airy emotion as the chilled out keys and down tempo beat drive the song forward. Listen to “Sugar” below and head over to Wanderhouse’s SoundCloud for a free download. And because I really dig their sound, check out their cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” from the duo as well.

“nothing like sugar
hold me
we could be a secret
or the real thing
honey I’m hollow
fill me
take me to the wild
I’ve been lonely”





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