Going “Nowhere” With ST.IVES Never Felt So Good

Going “Nowhere” With ST.IVES Never Felt So Good

Going “Nowhere” With ST.IVES Never Felt So Good


The need to go somewhere catches me off guard.

I realize that ST.IVES’ dreamy pop single “Nowhere” has triggered the nostalgic day tripper in me.

Drowning in the city lights
So if you’re looking for me I’ll be outside trying to tune out all the noise.

dreamy pop nature

Getting away is a good thing. Getting outside into nature is even better. Can you blame me for wanting to leave and be free?

We weren’t meant to be stuck in these city cages – toiling away our 9-5 life sentences in jail cells made of glass.

But I need to make a living! I need to feed the fam and pay bills and buy gas and get a haircut and go holiday shopping and the new Star Wars is out!

I’m not saying to give up earning a living, I’m just saying that maybe – just maybe – putting down all the glowing screens, expectations, drama, politics, ___insert thing___, and getting lost might do some good.

A lilting journey through the concrete jungle, Nowhere is about disillusionment with big city dreams, and the need to get away.

Stream the dreamy pop single “Nowhere” below:

Lying somewhere between Beck and Massive Attack in vibe, St Ives is a collaboration between Perth vocalist Anna O’Neil (Anna O) and Melbourne producer Arik Blum.

st.ives dreamy pop

Brought together by a love of deep bass mid 90’s UK sounds and at a time of major crossroads and personal turmoil, what spawned was a space that enabled catharsis and experimentation.

The duo has been quietly tinkering away in the studio for the last year, so expect some new releases soon!

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