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WESLEE’s ‘Boy Like You’ Celebrates Love & Beauty In Nothingness


“Touch so soft, it is your weapon. I succumb to you.”

The mysterious indie-pop duo Josh and Emma, also known as WESLEE, have just released their music video for the fresh new single, ‘Boy Like You,’ and it’ll absolutely have you daydreaming about that ‘gotta have you’ kind of love.

The video, directed by Alexandra Gavillet (Khalid, Hailey Baldwin, Pusha T), focuses on a passionate romantic relationship set amidst soft dreamy vocals. It centers around a lead male figure and his partner, who remains unseen throughout the video.

Utilizing vintage camcorder-style shots in a hazy summertime setting, ‘Boy Like You’ takes viewers on a journey of young summer love: an intimate journey where even everyday activities like buttoning a shirt, making breakfast, and reading a book, are colossal.

‘Boy Like You’ does an excellent job at not overemphasizing the romanticism, and instead highlights the beauty in simplicity and nothingness. It feels so relatable, because at one time or another, we’ve all had that same kind of infatuation for someone, or something.

The playful, upbeat lyrics and electro-pop overtone only add to this sentiment, bringing listeners to that trip down love’s memory lane.

Watch ‘Boy Like You:’

Watching ‘Boy Like You,’ I was reminded of sweet memories of love in its earliest stages. Sheet wrestling, giggle-fit-fueled, early morning sex. Calling in sick and laying outside together instead. Finding the most beauty in every mundane movement, and knowing that you are in deeper than you could ever have imagined.

WESLEE manages to tell a short and sweet love story with no particular beginning or end – just moments and snapshots of everyday life.

Just as its lollipop-flavored melody, the video is a sweet and sexy inside view into one of many romances happening right now.

It’s enough to put anyone in the lovey-dovey kind of mood.


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