Kuzo Makes Magic with Latest Track, ‘Monsoon’

Kuzo Makes Magic with Latest Track, ‘Monsoon’

Kuzo Makes Magic with Latest Track, ‘Monsoon’


Emerging indie-electro-pop duo Kuzo released their sultry track “Monsoon” earlier this spring, and we still can’t stop listening to it.

The LA-based duo deliver a sweet and sultry vibe in their latest release. The smooth, beckoning vocals teeter between fire and ice. Like the hot whisper of a live wire, “Monsoon” spits an energy that is dangerous and undeniable. Its slow-building, mesmerizing vocals speak of the ultimate throw-down, and remind you that sometimes, the build-up is more fun than the finale.

In the duo’s own words, “Monsoon is about an instant connection to someone, losing yourself in your natural instincts and feeling a sense of wild freedom when you are with that person.”

Kuzo’s latest release brings those sexy pop-soul vibes, with subtle drum beats and a teeming electro-pop canvas. Its moody and playful all at the same time, and we can’t get enough. “Monsoon” is the third single off Kuzo’s upcoming debut EP. After listening to their latest track, we’re begging pretty pretty please, give us more

Given “Monsoon” a listen, and check out the exclusive visual The Sights and Sounds created for the track:

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