Sweet Heat Records Presents ‘Shiba Selects Vol. 2’

Sweet Heat Records Presents ‘Shiba Selects Vol. 2’

Sweet Heat Records Presents ‘Shiba Selects Vol. 2’


Confirming rumors of the up-and-coming label’s greatness: Sweet Heat Records is back with the second installment of their original compilation series.

Shiba Selects Vol. 2 is made up of nine equally listen-worthy tracks that are solidified by the bond of the label mates who produced said heat. Possibilities become endless when a shared passion for house and techno surfaces among artists.
Each piece warrants its spot on the compilation by showcasing synths, well-crafted percussions, and catchy voice overs in an upbeat, booty bumping manner. The indulgent playlist provides listeners with quality tech-house from start to finish, and then some.

See for yourself and get your hands on a free download here:

The underground label is nothing to sleep on.

We’re encouraging our readers to keep their work on repeat all night long. Founder Dexter Harlequin hand-picks nothing short of excellence for his musical expedition based off personal background knowledge from having a foot in the techno entrepreneurship business. Among his discoveries is Kaysin, an active member SoCal’s DJ scene who brings the party to the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles night life. His track, “Party City” is the third of nine bangers on Shiba Selects Vol. 2.

“I’m really happy with how my track ‘Party City’ turned out as I feel that it embodies the vibe that I aim to create when I play a set: fun, upbeat, and groovy,” Kaysin told The Sights and Sounds. “I want the crowd to let go for a couple of hours and be themselves out on the dance floor.”

“I made my track with this vision in mind… and I hope that people enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it!”

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