Dabin Touches The Heavens In Ethereal Track, “Lights”

Dabin Touches The Heavens In Ethereal Track, “Lights”

Dabin Touches The Heavens In Ethereal Track, “Lights”


“Some nights I can’t explain the way I feel, the way I’m wired. You make things seem so clear. So we can leave the lights on.”

Korean-Canadian producer/multi-instrumentalist Dabin recently dropped his EP Pyres. The intimate, two-track collection was co-released with Kannibalen Records and Seeking Blue, and features vocalists Trove and Lexi Norton of EchosPyres features future pop tracks “Lights” and “In Flames,” in a combination that is short, sweet, but enduring.

In particular, “Lights” is an ethereal, atmospheric journey from the moment the music starts. Textured tones and a steady, otherworldly energy create a unique depth of emotion in the track. Listening to this song, I was transported to moments in my life when I was my most authentic self. I was reminded of moments where I felt most stripped down, and the clarity that came from those moments.

After reading a recent Facebook post by Dabin, regarding the EP, I feel this sentiment more than ever:

“Pyres represents the cyclical nature of things and how it’s just as easy to say goodbye to something as it is to say hello. One song represents embracing something to the fullest in the moment and the other is about how hard it can be to let go of something with the same fervour as when it came into your life.”

Give “Lights” a listen and see for yourself.

Stream Dabin – “Lights” below:

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