Kedzie Goes CMNDO With New EP

Kedzie Goes CMNDO With New EP

Kedzie Goes CMNDO With New EP


The first time I was ever able to experience Kedzie live was in Joliet, IL and it was a show I won’t forget anytime soon. I, myself, am a huge fan of metal and while I listened to Kedzie’s set I noticed how I would hear heavy guitar riffs, build-ups toward metal breakdowns, drum fills, and the occasion vocal samples from metal musicians. Needless to say I was extremely curious about the rest of his music. Upon further inspection it turns out he draws influence from so many different genres of music; it makes his arsenal diverse and so much fun to be a part of live.

Shortly after his performance at The Forge in Joliet, IL he finally announces his EP, CMNDO on Kannibalen Records, based out of Montreal. This EP has three songs that all encompass his stash of diversity when it comes to his musical production.

Kedzie Converses

“The Cmndo EP is a milestone and a statement,” says Kedzie, “It’s a product of all the work and evolution of my music career. Ever since I first began seriously producing at the age of 29 I’ve wanted to work with Kannibalen Records. At 32 I’ve noticed that in this industry 15 year olds can become super stars and the stresses of life can wear on you early into your 20s. I just want everyone to know that music knows no age, and that anything can be accomplished if you never give up .Now that I’m releasing a three track EP on arguably one of the greatest labels on Earth I don’t think I can ever forget this moment.”

The Tracks

One thing that I absolutely am stoked about is the variety that each one of the songs has. Each one incorporating what sets Kedzie apart from most artists now-a-days. The EP starts off with CMNDO which also features MagMag. The artwork for the EP works perfectly with this song because not only does it set the tone for the rest of the EP but you also get the heavy, swaggy vibe of dubstep combat.

One of my favorites on this EP is the second song, Neutron. Kedzie describes it as a MidTempo blend of Dark Atmospheres mixed with percussive sound design. He goes on to say, “We had an idea for something driving but minimal. Jacknife and I had been planning to do a tune together for well over a year and it was super cool to be able to work with his style. He has a totally different approach to sound design than I do and it makes it a lot of fun.”

CMNDO gracefully ends with the song, Deepest Darkest which features Micah Martin. It ties together just what kind of artist Kedzie is. It starts up with a progressive build up with vocal samples until it drops into orchestrated madness. You can hear vocal screams that are popular in the metal genre, an extremely unique drop that reminds me of a tiger thrashing in water. But don’t take my word for it, you can listen to CMNDO below! Not only is this artist a treat to listen to but his live presence takes his performance to a completely different level.




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