Ronin Production Takes Chicago By Storm

Ronin Production Takes Chicago By Storm

Ronin Production Takes Chicago By Storm


The Chicago music scene has been a melting pot for various forms of art. Whether it be painting, sculpting, writing, producing, or so forth, Chicago has been a creative melting pot for so many artists ranging from every creative outlet imaginable. From this melting pot rose Ronin Production, which brought forth some of the hottest artists to the Chicago-land area. Partnering with Stay Gold Promotions and Hennessy Sound Designs it’s hard to find a more professional event that showcases heavy dubstep. I was able to sit down with Luke Mane, the founder of Ronin Production to speak with him about his current influence within the Chicago scene.


What inspired the name of Ronin?

“I always loved Japanese culture and anime growing up and I thought of something I could incorporate with music & my personal likes, so I came up with Ronin.”


What is Ronin Production’s goal within the Chicago scene?

“The goal is honestly to let kids growing up now still have a place to have fun and the older crowd not be targeted towards one crowd base I wanna bring the best music of all genres around and show people new music, new friends, & new experiences.”

What’s next for Ronin?

“What’s next for Ronin is to build with other promoters & the community in the Chicago-land area. If we all work together we all build. But as of right now we’ve partnered up with Stay Gold Promotions which bloomed, “Rated Dub.”  We bring some of the heaviest bass artists from around the world. Its been an amazing experience so far – cannot wait to show Chicago what else we have in store for them within the upcoming months.”  

What would you say draws the crowd in?

“What draws the crowd in is the fact we stand by QUALITY not QUANTITY. We’re not just throwing shows just to throw them we make sure every has something specific – something new and exciting that our fans can look forward to seeing because coming from a fan and ‘that one kid in the crowd’ I know what expectations are an what I dreamed of seeing growing up”

As you can see Ronin Production has manifested itself out of the creative melting pot and into the lime light of the Chicago-land dubstep scene. Equipped with their infamous Hennessy Sound Design rig, Ronin has roamed the bass scene and found its home here in Chicago.







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