Mac DeMarco Teams Up With Melanie Faye For “Eternally 12”

Mac DeMarco Teams Up With Melanie Faye For “Eternally 12”

Mac DeMarco Teams Up With Melanie Faye For “Eternally 12”


It started last night.

Exhausted after a long day, I decided to check Instagram one final time before going to bed. As I scrolled through my feed, I received a notification that Mac DeMarco was going live. After clicking on the stream, it became apparent that Mac was busy working in the studio, and was accompanied by an unfamiliar face. Pinned in the comments was the username “rainbow_fever_1998_.” I remained skeptical of what exactly the pair had been working on. That was, until she picked up the guitar.

Melanie Faye (photo courtesy of Marcus Maddox)

Blown away by what I had been hearing, I decided to check out her page.

The guitarist was identified as Melanie Faye, a 19 year old musician from Nashville. Earlier today, both Melanie and Mac posted on their accounts with a preview and link to their latest song together. “Eternally 12” is a 4-minute instrumental, predominantly backed by deep synths and an exceptionally soulful guitar. The duo’s collaboration provides a unique and tranquil experience for the listener, relative to something we could expect to hear from the likes of Thundercat. This one crept up on me by surprise, but turned out to be one of the most interesting pieces of music I’ve stumbled across this year.

Just listen.

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