13 Street Performers You Have To See To Believe

13 Street Performers You Have To See To Believe

13 Street Performers You Have To See To Believe


You don’t have to throw down your next pay check to see great music.

All you have to do is look around you on your next walk about and keep a keen eye for street performers.

Street performers carry a different style of stage presence. The world is their theater and their audience often take their seats at 15 second intervals. That means they must keep their act interesting, engaging, and sounding top notch. With all the distractions in our tech world, these analog architects need to stay fresh.

If you’re like me, chances are you’ve briskly walked by someone gifting their soul to anyone willing to spare a few seconds. It’s beauty and passion in the raw, and we often don’t pay a second thought to pure creation happening in the now.

This list is a chance to correct those fleeting moments and acknowledge the artists who prefer a street light over a stage light.

Shine bright, and may your melodies land softly on pleasant ears.

This is by no means a complete list, but it’s a good start to anyone wanting a deeper knowledge of corner concert throwers.

Scroll down and check out this list of 13 street performers you need to see (and hear) to believe:

Lucky Chops Brass Band

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Slim Freedome

Ashley Stevenon, AKA Slim Freedom, plays in the subways of Chicago, singing loud and strong while playing her 12 string guitar.

Follow Ashley Stevenson, AKA Slim Freedom on YouTube

Dave Stewart

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Donald Gould

Residents of Sarasota, Florida, have been impressed with the piano skills of Donald Gould, a homeless man who is living on the streets.

Dub FX

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Rob Landes

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Jesse Rya

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Joseph Gravil aka MEXFS

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The Trouble Notes

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Gordo Drummer

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Dario Rossi

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Yuki and Taku

Yuki and Taku are travelling Japanese musicians who seem to pop up in East Asian countries all over YouTube.

Who did we miss?

Leave your comments and feedback below and maybe we’ll return with a Street Performers Part 2!


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