Summer Camp Music Festival 2018 – A Collective of Music, Art, & Culture!

Summer Camp Music Festival 2018 – A Collective of Music, Art, & Culture!

Summer Camp Music Festival 2018 – A Collective of Music, Art, & Culture!


Each Memorial Day weekend, a collection of unique beings come together to celebrate their special weekend dedicated to seeing their favorite musicians, discovering unexpected finds on festival grounds, running into familiar faces while meeting new ones, or perhaps even something small like enjoying their favorite festival meal of the year. With Summer Camp Music Festival, the possibilities are endless.

There is always something new to stumble upon. The genres of musicians always remain diverse. The visual artists always provide mind-blowing creations for people to view. All of which makes Summer Camp more personable and more aesthetically pleasing as the years go by…

The mixed variety of musicians on the Summer Camp lineup is quite impressive and in fact plays a huge role on the weekend as a whole.

Each and every year, dedicated fans are promised sets of both Umphrey’s McGee and moe. but are also surprised with a plethora of diverse musicians ranging from electronic music, to bluegrass, and everything in between such as Beats Antique, Slightly Stoopid, Tipper, Greensky Bluegrass, Tycho, STS9, Papadosio, and more… totaling over 125 bands!

(Artist: Abbey Aura)

One of the most important factors of this festival that creates the ultimate weekend for its goers has to be the mysterious, unexpected finds stumbled upon while walking around, or when heading to your desired destination.

Every year Summer Camp has a hidden gem known as the Soulshine Tent that showcases numerous works of visionary artists from around the country such as Abbey Aura (pictured above), Tom Loranz, Steven Teller, Zachary Brown, Lauren Schildberg, and more. 

The second you walk in and stumble upon these unique paintings, you feel as if you’re in a whole new place. The feeling of being inside of a small festival, within a huge one. Besides the gallery however, there are infinite unexpected finds by simply walking around. By being at the right place at the right time.

You will witness rare sights, and you will hear unique sounds from all over. Art installations cover the grounds, roaming performers of all sorts wander the paths, happy festival goers bartering supplies to get by, it all happens on the main path of this wooded area commonly known as “Shakedown Street.”

Whether it be the art, the music, the unforgettable sights and sounds, Summer Camp definitely has all of that and more. This particular festival continuously grows and improves as the years go by. More unforgettable memories are created, and those memories are never forgotten.

(Photography: Kayla Mitchell)


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