Tamara Bubble Has A Weird Confession To Make In New Single

Tamara Bubble Has A Weird Confession To Make In New Single

Tamara Bubble Has A Weird Confession To Make In New Single


“I have a weird confession… my first piggy bank was a can of Pringles!”

On it’s surface, “Pringles” seems like an odd direction for a single. But as I’ve discovered over and over through my exploration of music, judging a song by it’s name will ensure you miss worthwhile lessons.

“When you grow up in the hood, the #1 goal is to make it out. So this song is a lil motivation for all my people in the struggle,” says Tamara.

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When you grow up in an underprivileged area, when you don’t have all the resources and support of the wealthy (or even semi-wealthy), even if you are just behind on rent, it’s all about your resourcefulness and the will to make something of yourself that will carry you forward.

For Tamara Bubble, that means making piggy banks out of recycled Pringles cans. As a young kid trying to do everything to make it out of the hood something as trivial as a chip tube can represent their personal Fort Knox.

“It taught me a valuable lesson at an early age: even if you don’t have a savings account, you can still save up. Just use a Pringles can and stack them chips to reach your goals.”

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