Mahalia Steps Out On Her Own With New Single Featuring Little Simz

Mahalia Steps Out On Her Own With New Single Featuring Little Simz

Mahalia Steps Out On Her Own With New Single Featuring Little Simz


Who says gratitude is dead?

Mahalia and Little Simz sing thanks in the uplifting gospel-tinged “Proud Of Me”.

The world needs acknowledgement and gratitude now more than ever. Inject it everywhere you can.

When the neighbors proclaim missiles! Shoot ’em down with love bullets.

Send your parents a post card – let them know they did a good job.

Tell your kids they can be anything they want – give them the moon to shoot for and let them land in the stars if needed. Be there when they stumble, but allow them the gift of making their own mistakes. They will thank you later.

Finally (but certainly not lastly), tweet, text, write, shout, proclaim – “I am proud of you!” Acknowledgement and gratitude – they will be the shoulders upon which our world will be re-united in peace.

Stream Mahalia – “Proud Of Me” Ft. Little Simz below:

British songstress Mahalia unveils her new single, “Proud Of Me”, featuring the incredibly talented London based rapper, Little Simz. Produced by Maths Times Joy, the song is a perfect example of her open-hearted lyricism. A rich mixture of soul, R&B and hip-hop the track reboots those classic genres for 2018 with Mahalia’s silky vocal holding it all together like magic.

Of the single, Mahalia says, “I wrote this tune not long before my Birthday last year. It the first time in my short music career that I had stepped out on my own. I stumbled for a while I think… tried to get my priorities straight. But, once I understood that, everything kind of fell in to place.”

“The one thing I have always said that makes me truly happy is knowing that my family, friends and you guys are proud of what I have achieved. I’ve always wanted to work with Lil Simz. So, this was crazy for me. She gave me all the extra magic that I needed.”

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