Johnny Burgos Releases a Sexy New R&B Track

Johnny Burgos Releases a Sexy New R&B Track

Johnny Burgos Releases a Sexy New R&B Track


With so much new music being cross-genre nowadays, it’s not always a bad thing to come across a nostalgic R&B track that really focuses on the vocals and lyrics.

Brooklyn-based artist Johnny Burgos delivers exactly that in his latest release “Set Yourself Free”. The track is his lead single off his forthcoming EP Love Through It All (set to be released this summer).

Burgos produced the track alongside Frans Mernick, who is known for his work with musicians like Miguel and A$AP Rocky.

The combination of Burgos and Mernick in this track does not disappoint. The instrumentals of the track are blues with a hint of psychedelic, but the main appeal is the vocals. Johnny Burgos sings through the entire track with rich and seductive vocals that soothe your mind yet awaken the soul.

In Burgos’ words, the track is “about taking the lead in lustful exploration to find liberation beyond our society’s limited spectrum of sex and love.” It’s no surprise that listening to the track from start to finish elicits the feeling of sensuality and releases tension in the body.

Listen to the track below and prepare to set yourself free!

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