Cautious Clay’s ‘Joshua Tree’ Serenades The Soul

Cautious Clay’s ‘Joshua Tree’ Serenades The Soul

Cautious Clay’s ‘Joshua Tree’ Serenades The Soul


The 24-year-old producer/multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter, Cautious Clay, has been on the rise lately thanks to his chill beats and tranquil voice.

Representing hometowns Washington D.C. and Brooklyn, his heartfelt singing talent is comparable to a whirl of Quinn XCII and Khalid. Cautious Clay is currently unsigned to a label and touches the hearts of alternative and R&B lovers with the way his vocals lull listeners in. This up-and-coming artist is definitely one to keep on your radar.

This week, he released his empowering latest single, “Joshua Tree.” The track expresses feelings behind choosing to live a stress-free life over one occupied with the drama that goes hand-in-hand with being in love. Cautious Clay takes us on a smooth three-minute ride, exploring his love life choices and musical flair.

“Paradise couldn’t get much harder

Ego is all the baggage that I need

It’s all pressure for the ones that you really love”

While the title leaves me wondering what this has to do with my favorite national park east of Los Angeles, thinking about my personal memories of catching the sunrise over the geologically awesome Joshua Tree puts a smile on my face. Cautious Clay’s remarkable voice and relaxing melody undoubtedly pays homage to those beautiful desert moments.

Check out some of his other tracks below!

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