[ELECTRO HOUSE] Jesse Voorn – “Part Of Me” + “Lights”

[ELECTRO HOUSE] Jesse Voorn – “Part Of Me” + “Lights”

[ELECTRO HOUSE] Jesse Voorn – “Part Of Me” + “Lights”



Dutch producer and DJ Jesse Voorn has taken his polished electro dancefloor sound to Mutants Records just last week and delivered a double single in the form of “Part Of Me/Lights.”

It’s his first outing on the label, but John Dahlback’s imprint seems to suit his distinctive sound well. Both tracks are remarkably well produced and have plenty of melodic power behind them. “Part of Me” is more of a typical ‘belter’, taking the featured vocals and keeping a sense of urgency behind them with a heavily percussive rhythm. Throw in some elongated synth chords and this one is catchy as hell.

“Lights” is more of a contrast, but it has no less impact on the listener. There is more texture present here, but the soaring melodic nature of the vocals give the climax added intensity.

Jesse Voorn is certainly an artist to keep an eye on, and this release is do him well. You can purchase “Part Of Me/Lights” here.

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