Tabitha Booth Delivers Riveting Album ‘Wolf Moon Live at Cocoon Studios’

Tabitha Booth Delivers Riveting Album ‘Wolf Moon Live at Cocoon Studios’

Tabitha Booth Delivers Riveting Album ‘Wolf Moon Live at Cocoon Studios’


NYC-based recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Tabitha Booth recently released her new live studio album Wolf Moon Live at Cocoon Studios. Drawing on her personal pain and heartbreak, Booth delivers an emotive album that takes listeners on a riveting journey using her soulful voice as the driving vehicle. The daughter of world-renowned tattoo artist and surrealist painter Paul Booth, it’s undeniable that talent and creative spirit inherently run in the Booth family.

Here’s a bit of backstory about the album. Amidst the pandemic Tabitha began an intimate love affair that later rapidly progressed into a short-lived yet passionate marriage. At the beginning of her relationship, Tabitha’s former husband, a fellow musician, sent her a cover of beloved rock band Queensrÿche’s “Silent Lucidity” over Whatsapp. Shortly thereafter he deleted the song but by then Tabitha had already downloaded it.

Last November after ending their passionate yet relatively brief marriage, Tabitha had decided to perform “Silent Lucidity” live with her band as a way to process the tremendous pain she was undergoing. The reconciliation of the divorce with Tabitha’s ex had officially become the catalyst for this own independent standalone show with a band. What started as a recording of this single song later evolved into an intimate listening session which was then recorded live. From hence Wolf Moon Live at Cocoon Studios was born.

Tabitha Booth & Friends Performing Wolf Moon Live at Cocoon Studios

The album’s name derives from several sources. Firstly, in Native American culture, January’s full moon is referred to as the “wolf moon” as it is associated with the howling of wolves in cold winter months. Many elements of the wolf moon were incorporated into the set design for the live show, which is viewable via the recorded footage which will be released soon. The album’s name Wolf Moon was also directly influenced by her former husband who often identifies with the lone wolf as his spirit animal.

The album debuts the years of tremendous work Tabitha has put into designing her live set the way she has always envisioned it. Tabitha sings on the entire album collaborating with her dream team of talented NYC-based musicians, Tory Anne Daines (violin), esteemed SFX makeup artist Raphael Notte (backup vocals), Edwin Lopez (piano), and Naomi Smith (bass).

The live studio album is a collection of live renditions of previously released songs including Tabitha’s film award-winning “Curiosity” along with a recording of the Ukrainian song “In A Glade” and a collection of her grandmother, Paula Patrice’s poems set to music. The lyrics featured on “Pangs of Love & Solitude,” “Unbounded,” “Alone,” and “To Capture a Moment” are all taken directly from Paula’s book Wisdom Lines. They were then sung by Tabitha and then arranged into brilliant musical compositions. “Alone” is a particularly captivating track featuring spoken lyrics by pianist Edwin Lopez.

A passionate activist, Tabitha is currently lobbying against the wolves being annihilated in the Northeastern United States. This summer Tabitha and her band will tour the United States to help raise awareness and advocate for the wolves that are currently being threatened and killed throughout the nation; moreover, sticking with the theme “Wolf Moon,” the tour will also honor the moon cycles, celebrating both the new and full moons.

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