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The Funk Hunters “Turn Down The Silence” For Summer Romance

Your heart skips a beat as it starts to take flight. The engines of your throat clear as your start to sing. “Turn Down The Silence”, I want to shout to the world that I’m in love. You might know the feeling. The fluttering heart, the buzzing ears, the tunnel vision as the one enters […]

Love Overrules As Dan Caplen Throws “Two Fingers” Up To Temptation ✌

Love in a big city is tough – at least according to Dan Caplen and his latest single. But the Brixton-based artist also believes that love will over rule. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life looking for love in the big city. I’ve swiped right, left, up and down – I’ve been […]

[QUICK MIX] The Knocks Drop Memorial Day Mix, Weekend In Ibiza Vol. 7!

Quick Mix. A no fuss curation of superb, long-format mixes so you can get straight to the music you love. Need a Memorial Day Mix to keep you moving? Whether you’re out with the family getting some sun and BBQ or hanging by yourself enjoying a good book, there is one thing that everyone can […]