The Funk Hunters “Turn Down The Silence” For Summer Romance

The Funk Hunters “Turn Down The Silence” For Summer Romance

The Funk Hunters “Turn Down The Silence” For Summer Romance


Your heart skips a beat as it starts to take flight. The engines of your throat clear as your start to sing.

“Turn Down The Silence”, I want to shout to the world that I’m in love.

You might know the feeling. The fluttering heart, the buzzing ears, the tunnel vision as the one enters your periphs.

Bouncy and lighthearted with an element of funk and groove, The Funk Hunters have leveraged their innovative take on sound to emulate a fiery, summer romance. But don’t get it twisted, this isn’t some surface level shit – as with any relationship, the meaning runs deep.

It’s time to change for something, declares the first vocal line – and we know it’s true when that someone makes us want to be a better version of ourselves.

So, who is that person for you? What will it take for you to turn down your silence and declare it without fear of judgement?

Hit play below and take a step closer to finding out.

Stream The Funk Hunters – “Turn Down The Silence” ft. DiRTY RADiO below:

Multi-dimensional duo The Funk Hunters, Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith, use “Turn Down The Silence” as a teaser to their much anticipated upcoming album. Stay tuned for their second single and the full tracklist, due out March 23rd.

the funk hunters and dirty radio

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