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The Funk Hunters “Turn Down The Silence” For Summer Romance

Your heart skips a beat as it starts to take flight. The engines of your throat clear as your start to sing. “Turn Down The Silence”, I want to shout to the world that I’m in love. You might know the feeling. The fluttering heart, the buzzing ears, the tunnel vision as the one enters […]

Daft Punk & Australian Band, Parcels, Drop Funky New Track “Overnight”

Yes, you read that headline right; the wait is over! The one and only Daft Punk is making music again in 2017! Since the release of Random Access Memories in 2015, they’ve produced a couple of songs for The Weeknd, but ultimately left us still wanting more. Check out the single they produced for Parcels titled […]

[EVENT RECAP] Justin Jay & The FUNtastic Voyage

Grab your nautical attire and prepare for some whomp whomp at sea, the Fantastic Voyage tour is in full sail. This past weekend, the captain himself, Justin Jay, navigated the funk on over to Sound Nightclub with his shipmates and homies for Cinco de Mayo. Framework events brought together the likes of Justin and his […]