Daft Punk & Australian Band, Parcels, Drop Funky New Track “Overnight”

Daft Punk & Australian Band, Parcels, Drop Funky New Track “Overnight”

Daft Punk & Australian Band, Parcels, Drop Funky New Track “Overnight”


Yes, you read that headline right; the wait is over! The one and only Daft Punk is making music again in 2017!

Since the release of Random Access Memories in 2015, they’ve produced a couple of songs for The Weeknd, but ultimately left us still wanting more. Check out the single they produced for Parcels titled “Overnight” here:

This is the song of the Summer if you ask me. Parcels’ vocals blend smoothly into Daft Punk’s new funky sound. Musicfeed, an Australian music blog, says that Parcels got Daft Punk’s attention while performing at a club in Paris in 2016.

Parcels is sure to get some well-deserved recognition for their music now that gods of electronic music, Daft Punk, joined them to co-write and produce this track. The pop-electro style boy band has been around since 2014 and represents Byron Bay, Australia.

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The five members (Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret, and Jules Crommelin) met in high school and combine their individual talents to supply listeners with some quality disco-style jams.

The collaboration between Parcels and Daft Punk was a match made in heaven. Their most recent EP, Hideout, gives off Random Access Memories vibes and is worth putting on play if you’re looking to channel your inner summertime groove.

Parcels will be touring the UK come November. Hopefully, this track will get them big enough in the U.S. for them to have some motive to play shows for us over here. And hopefully, for wishful-thinking fans like myself, this could finally be the dawn of the Daft Punk performances we have been dreaming about for so long. (Yeah right.)

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