Soccer Mommy Takes a Stand Before First Full Album

Soccer Mommy Takes a Stand Before First Full Album

Soccer Mommy Takes a Stand Before First Full Album


Soccer Mommy proved she’s one of the many young acts to watch for in 2018 with Tuesday’s release of “Your Dog.”

Nashville-native Sophie Allison first released music under the name Soccer Mommy with 2015’s Songs for the Recently Sad EP. 

She followed up with Songs from my Bedroom and For Young Hearts (I’m noticing a thematic pattern here). My personal favorite track from her heartache phase is “3AM at a Party” off her For Young Hearts project.

The now 20 year-old visibly started growing up with 2017’s self-described “mini album” Collection. She seems to be continuing this pattern if this week’s release of “Your Dog” is of any indication.

The message of both the video and the lyrics are certainly topical. Soccer Mommy is taking a stand the in the eye of the veritable shit storm surrounding the “Me Too” moment.

She lets you know right off the bat what the track is about. “I don’t wanna be your fucking dog.” The fierce lyrical content is a little removed from the overall vibes of the song though. The upbeat guitar riff and her jolly delivery don’t really call to mind a woman beating the hell out of an ex. But somehow the conflicting messages work.

She’s leaving behind the heartache and dependency that permeate her earlier work and does so in a way that shows she’s glad to be doing it.

Her full length debut Clean is due out on March 3rd. 

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Still Clean
02. Cool
03. Your Dog
04. Flaw
05. Blossom (Waiting All My time)
06. Last Girl
07. Skin
08. Scorpio Rising
09. Interlude
10. Wildflowers



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