Indie Rocker RIVVRS Holds On Until It’s Time To “Let It Die”

Indie Rocker RIVVRS Holds On Until It’s Time To “Let It Die”

Indie Rocker RIVVRS Holds On Until It’s Time To “Let It Die”


Through bated breath and gritted teeth, a solemn swear that demise is near.

RIVVRS let’s go, if not begrudgingly, that which no longer brings him love.

We hang on to way more shit than we need.

Mentally, physically, emotionally.

If every one of those negative thoughts carried a physical weight we would crush ourselves – and we often do.

“All my love, go on and bring it all back, babe.”

Well, it’s not coming back and it’s time to take that weight off your shoulders. If not now, then when? And, after all, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Amiright?

RIVVRS brings a bluesy and altogether gritty vibe to the emotion and practice of letting go: Let go and let die – or something like that.

Anyway it suits you, taking off the bullshit holding us down – whether we murder it outright or drop it off at the dry cleaners – will bring a sense of freedom not felt in a long time.

Stream RIVVRS – “Let It Die” below:

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