[DARK POP] Daft Punk- Something About Us (Spazzkid Cover)


There’s something about us, and it’s turned me into a pulpy mess. This energy we whipped into a monsoon of mawkish emotion slinks through my hands like liquefied love in a rain storm; and I grab my heart out of my chest and I try to use it as a bucket to carry us out […]

[ELECTRONIC/HIP HOP] Daft Punk ft. Jay Z – “Computerized”

[ELECTRONIC/HIP HOP] Daft Punk ft. Jay Z - "Computerized"

In the movie I, Robot, Will Smith’s character plays a detective who bears a strong distrust of robots and contemporary technology in a dystopian future. In the end, (Spoiler Alert) his fears become realized as the AI’s indisputable logic threatens all of humanity. We’re a long time from seeing human-like robots in every home, but […]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -“Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -"Something About Us" (Daft Punk Cover)

Sometimes you just want to tell another person how madly you burn for them, craving their words and needing their affection so bad that it literally keeps you up at night, knawing at your grey matter until it turns to mush. You long for this person and constantly crave their company – and perhaps you’re […]

[QUICK MIX – ELECTRO/DANCE] Daft Punk – “Fuckin Good Music”

[QUICK MIX - ELECTRO/DANCE] Daft Punk - "Fuckin Good Music"


[ELECTRO/FUNK] Daft Punk – ‘Random Access Memories’ Album Stream

[ELECTRO/FUNK] Daft Punk - 'Random Access Memories' Album Stream

If you were online yesterday, it was probably only a matter of minutes before you inevitably ran into the news somewhere, somehow that a stream of Daft Punk‘s highly anticipated new album, Random Access Memories, was leaked online. While the leak didn’t come as a surprise to many – most of The Sights and Sounds […]

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