ALIGN Releases Emotive “When I’m With You” on Lowly Palace

ALIGN Releases Emotive “When I’m With You” on Lowly Palace

ALIGN Releases Emotive “When I’m With You” on Lowly Palace


Since his first track release in 2017, ALIGN has garnered an undeniably impressive body of electronic music. Just below the radar, his latest titled “When I’m with You,” out now on Lowly Palace delivers a radio ready hit replete with emotional fervor and passion.

Making his Lowly Palace debut earlier this year with his singles “Second Thoughts” and “Reflections,” “When I’m with You” marks ALIGN’s final release before the close of 2020. The Chicago, Illinois based producer and solo electronic music artist takes it up a notch, this time teaming up with mega talented vocalist and internet sensation Martina Lynn. A follow up to his recent remix of PINES’ hit single “Tell Me” for Kygo’s Palm Tree Records, ALIGN further showcases his keen ability as a talented producer who’s able to seamlessly blur the line between commercial pop and modern electronica.

As “When I’m with You” begins melodic chord progressions cascade into celestial synths and ethereal vocals, sweeping listeners into a full body sonic experience. Fusing ambient textures with rhythmic chord progressions, ALIGN weaves an emotional tale through upbeat soundscapes. An atypical love song, the super emotional track tells a powerful universal tale about finding your “one true love,” and the comfort that comes from the warm embrace of that person’s arms.

“I started writing this track by using some guitar plucks and experimenting with a soundscape. I wanted to create an ambient moment, then transition into more of a rhythmic beat. That soundscape became something that I could write chords on top of and develop a beat and melodies. I loved where it was going, but I knew it needed somebody’s story to accompany it. Martina seemed like the perfect fit for the vibe of this track.” – ALIGN

Listen to “When I’m with You” below.

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