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Lane 8 Releases Highly-Antipicated Album, ‘Little By Little’

After two years, Lane 8 has finally released his highly-anticipated second album Little by Little – and it’s giving us all the feels. Denver-based artist Lane 8 (aka Daniel Goldstein) has been responsible for not just making waves in the electronic dance community – namely with the release of albums vs. singles, but also for one […]

Lane 8 Teases The Approach Of Sophomore Album With New Single “Coming Back To You”

Lane 8 is coasting with downhill ease while gaining altitude on his new release, “Coming Back To You.” It’s like we never left. Last year Lane 8 offered us “No Captain,” featuring POLIÇA, and “Atlas.” The two delightful cliffhangers of 2017 wrapped up a stellar year for Daniel Goldstein and cleared the way for a highly anticipated 2018. […]

[DEEP] Lane 8 – DHA Mixtape #204

Sitting here doing some mindless work that needed some fuelling and came across this hour long blast of euphoria through my veins with a quick shot. – New DHA Mixtape Made my mind wander. Look at the condensed lights. Look at the magnitude of emptiness. I want to touch the ground where there is no light. […]