Lane 8 Releases Highly-Antipicated Album, ‘Little By Little’

Lane 8 Releases Highly-Antipicated Album, ‘Little By Little’

Lane 8 Releases Highly-Antipicated Album, ‘Little By Little’


After two years, Lane 8 has finally released his highly-anticipated second album Little by Little – and it’s giving us all the feels.

Denver-based artist Lane 8 (aka Daniel Goldstein) has been responsible for not just making waves in the electronic dance community – namely with the release of albums vs. singles, but also for one of dance music’s most unique word-of-mouth success stories in the past 18 months. His no-phones, no-film concept This Never Happened swept the country last year, earning Lane 8 even more credit for being a boundary-pusher in the house and dance music scene.

Lane 8 teased fans last October with the release of his dreamy single ‘No Captain feat. POLICA.’ Little By Little follows suit after ‘No Captain,’ as it features a handful of vocal standouts including Fractures, Patrick Baker, and JF July. As promised, Lane 8 continues to show off his unique flair for melodic and eloquently-textured productions that are both classy and quirky.

Throughout its 10 tracks, Little By Little is weaved together with the mastery that Lane 8 fans have come to love across his catalogue. Each track is distinct and diverse, resulting in a piece of art that demands repeat listens – as loud as your ears can take it. Little By Little feels far from stagnant – its ever-building energy resembles a ethereal journey throughout the desert, where the all-consuming present reigns supreme over the impending destination. Each track uncovers new passages of sound, making the album a beautiful voyage unknown.

Listen to Little By Little: 

In his own words, Lane 8 tells us a bit about what Little By Little means to him:

“I think that writing and releasing my first album, Rise, so early in the Lane 8 project was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. But at the time, it felt like albums were really on the out. A lot of people within the dance music industry said albums were a waste of time and effort – nobody listened to them anymore. Especially not from relatively new, low profile artists! Most artists within dance music were releasing single after single every few months – and having a lot of success with that formula.

Maybe it’s because I grew up on albums, but I’ve always felt that a good album tells a story and creates an experience that is impossible to replicate with a run of single tracks alone – no matter how good they are. When I listened to my favorite albums as a kid, one of the things I loved the most was entering the artist’s world – even if just for an hour, it felt like I was being taken on a unique journey that could really be savored, a journey only that artist could take me on.

With that somewhat romantic (or just outdated!) feeling toward albums in mind, I ignored a lot of the advice out there and pushed forward – and Rise came out soon after. When we toured that album, I had the surreal experience of hearing fans tell me what the album meant to them, and how much of a connection they felt to the journey of Rise – that familiar feeling I remember from my own youth.

Over the past two years I’ve waited for a certain feeling to return – the feeling that I was ready and excited to write an album again. As it happened, at the end of 2016, we finished an incredible first This Never Happened tour shortly before welcoming our daughter into the world. As 2017 began, I found myself really driven to create album #2. Throughout this year, I found a lot of joy in focusing on each little task achieved, each small accomplishment that pushed me one step closer to the goal of making another album – another experience – that I was really proud of. In a way I think that’s what this album is all about – taking the time to appreciate each small step in a larger journey.

I’m really happy to announce that the pieces have now come together to form my second album, Little By Little.

No Captain, a song I made with Poliça, is the first piece of music I’m sharing from Little by Little – and it’s available to stream and download now. I hope you enjoy it.
I will be touring Little By Little across North America, Europe and Australia for the first half of next year. Tickets will go on sale this Friday at 9am local time.

You can listen to No Captain and see tour dates here


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