Lane 8 Collabs With POLIÇA On First Single Of New Album “No Captain”

Lane 8 Collabs With POLIÇA On First Single Of New Album “No Captain”

Lane 8 Collabs With POLIÇA On First Single Of New Album “No Captain”


Lane 8 has just announced his new album via a collaboration with indie rockers POLIÇA.

“Maybe it’s because I grew up on albums, but I’ve always felt that a good album tells a story and creates an experience that is impossible to replicate with a run of single tracks alone – no matter how good they are.”

Daniel Goldstein, AKA Lane 8, has released the forthcoming single from his sophomore album Little By Little, which will follow Goldstein’s debut release of 2015’s Rise.

The single, fittingly titled “No Captain,” is a melodic traverse across a treacherous galaxy, and Lane 8 is the gallant captain of our ship. The track’s landscape is textured by erratic synth patterns, which give rise to POLIÇA’s cosmic vocals. Whereas techno and tech house often sacrifice form for function, Lane 8 manages to interject the aforementioned vocals into the beat driven track so as to coalesce the latter and the former.

The result? A seraphic universe in which the constructs of time and space are eradicated all together. Gravity might not exist here, but there is a sense that, indeed, we are moving forward.

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If this single is an indication of what’s to come, listeners can revel in the promise of more soul injected tech house tracks to dance to. “In a way I think that’s what this album is all about – taking the time to appreciate each small step in a larger journey.”

Lane 8 revels in the art of production in a manner that exudes artistic integrity or, more simply, the willingness to embark on a musical journey longus-forma.

Such a modus operandi is sparse in the current state of EDM affairs, but one would be folly to dub Lane 8’s body of work as “EDM”. Needless to say, Lane 8 is a breathe of fresh air in an industry which is so often devoid of character and substance.

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