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The Unlikely Candidates Confess All In New Video For “Oh My Dear Lord”

The first step in dealing with addiction is admitting you have a problem. The Unlikely Candidates have no problem admitting, it’s the quitting they can’t quit. “I’ve been running wild had a good time, but I can’t stop now.” Life is great, the money’s rolling in, women turn their heads when I walk by. Things […]

[INDIE ROCK] X Ambassadors Keeps The Hope Alive With New Single Benefiting ACLU

“When it all feels broken You got to keep your hope alive.” As every moment slips away you lose something: your shoe, a race, a family timepiece, time itself. The great ordeal is followed by a test, which in turn is preceded by a stiff challenge. Overcome, we must, said a green alien in a […]

[INDIE/ROCK] X Ambassadors – “Renegades”

“Long live the pioneers, rebels, and mutineers.” Everyone called me crazy. Crazy because I didn’t fit in their comfortable little box of what life should be. Go to school, graduate and get a job, they said. Work your way up in your career, find a girlfriend and get married, they told me. Find a quaint […]