Tamara Bubble Stands Up To The Spin Cycle In “Laundry”

Tamara Bubble Stands Up To The Spin Cycle In “Laundry”

Tamara Bubble Stands Up To The Spin Cycle In “Laundry”


Hip hop’s freshest face, Tamara Bubble, believes that your favorite rapper is definitely a girl. 

Earlier this year, hip hop/rap artist Tamara Bubble released her album Your Favorite Rapper Is a Girl. The seven-track release is a fresh, hilarious compilation of female anthems. Her fierce track “Cute Panties” is dedicated to domestic violence survivors, while “Pringles” tips its hat to the struggle of achieving one’s dream. Others like “Give Me My Flowers” combine high-energy beats and clever vocals to resonate with badass queens everywhere.

Tamara Bubble just dropped her latest visual for “Laundry,” off Your Favorite Rapper. Just like her other tracks, “Laundry” is more than meets the eye. It might be easy to think “Laundry” is just a humorous song about a mundane activity. However, careful listening proves otherwise.

“Laundry” touches on relationships and roles in an in-your-face, yet playful manner.  Her feisty lyrics challenge traditional gender roles in ways that might offend anyone who has said, “go make me a sandwich” to a woman at some point in their lives.

I don’t know about you, but I think we need more Tamara Bubble in our lives. #BubbleOnDeck

Check out the Official Video for “Laundry” here: 

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