TSAS Exclusive Interview with Rich Furniss

TSAS Exclusive Interview with Rich Furniss

TSAS Exclusive Interview with Rich Furniss


As we approach the end of 2022, we had the opportunity to catch up with New York-based house music & Disco DJ/producer Rich Furniss. A long-time music industry veteran, throughout his career, Rich has had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Diplo, Rick Ross, and Chromeo. Since launching his new alias in 2021, Furniss has made quite a splash. Furniss recently announced that he will be joining the Quincy Boy Records team in 2023.

Following the announcement, we had a chance to catch up with Furniss. Read this interview to find out more about the mega-talented producer and DJ as he reflects on the past and looks toward the future.

TSAS: Do you feel like you are in the spot you are meant to be as we head into 2023? 

Rich: I believe everything falls into place when it’s meant to. At this point, working with LEFTI and N2N on Quincy Boy seems like where I am meant to be. They are both amazing friends and musicians. With our combined passion for music, I’m really excited to see what we can build. I’m stoked for all the releases we all have, not only on the label, but throughout our group. I feel, at least for myself, that I have some of my favorite tracks coming out next year. 

TSAS: Was there a moment where it all ‘clicked’ and you knew you were meant to be a part of the Quincy record team?

Rich: I think there have been a few moments over the years that have led to this. Working on music with LEFTI, and doing some B2B sets, we realized that we had really similar tastes in music and visions for what we wanted to build. One of the defining moments probably came at E-Zoo in NYC this year. We had artist passes and were sitting backstage after seeing some great music and friends. We talked about our year in music and what we wanted to do: release great music that we loved, build a community of like-minded people, and create experiences. LEFTI talked about me helping with the label, and the rest will be history. 

NYC Based Producer & DJ Rich Furniss

TSAS: Do you feel that you produce better music on your own or when collaborating with others?

Rich: From a young age, I was always about collaboration. I believe the collective is always stronger than the individual. I love bouncing ideas back and forth and catching a groove with someone. The real trick is to find people who you work well with. I’ve worked on a lot of projects within the music industry and outside of music where I wasn’t surrounded by the right people. This is why I’m so excited for Quincy Boy, I know our team is strong.

TSAS: Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

Rich: This has always been a funny question for me. I definitely feed off the energy of being out, making memories, and, most importantly, performing. However, I have found as I get older, I need time to myself to recharge. This is why I think I get some of my best work done late at night with no distractions. Even when collaborating, I like to come up with an idea, in my own space, before bringing it into a session. 

TSAS: What was your favorite show you played this year?

Rich: So many, honestly. They were all special for different reasons. My show in Chicago stood out because that city influenced so much of my music taste today. However, the show LEFTI, N2N, and I did at Daphne’s was really special. We all hit a great groove and performed off each other’s energy so well. Also, there were so many close friends and family there that really made it even more exceptional.

TSAS: What was your favorite song you released this year?

Rich: This is like picking your favorite child. All of them are special for their own reasons. “Suddenly” was the first track I signed as Rich Furniss that was released on Quincy Boy. That track really has led me to where I am right now in more than one way.

Also, “Sunshine” is a song I wrote last year when my grandfather passed away. I kind of took my grief and put it into the music. It was a song I did not even think I would put out. When I finally decided to drop it, it hit #2 on Beatport, which made sharing it that much sweeter.

TSAS: What do you think is the key to growth?

Rich: Passion, Progression, and Perseverance. Working in any creative field, you need to love what you do. The passion you have is felt through whatever medium you create. I can always tell when someone is going through the motions, versus when they are really happy and excited about what they are doing.

You need to always be progressing in what you are doing. There is no finish line. Even the best are always learning and adapting. In the 15 years, I’ve been involved in music, I have seen so many of the most talented people get stuck, and I told myself I would never be that person.

For every yes, you will get 100 no’s. You need to be able to lift yourself up and keep going. I’ve received so much rejection in my career, and it took me a long time to not take it personally. Now I truly believe I’m on my own path, and that those opportunities simply were not meant for me.

TSAS: What will you be doing this holiday season and going into the new year?

Rich: This holiday season, I plan on taking the time to spend it with the people I love and reset myself after a crazy year. Every year I write myself a year in review where I look at where I started and where I ended up. It really helps me to put things into perspective. It helps me realize what I did right and what I could improve on, then make a plan for next year. 


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