“Yves Klein Blue” Tunes In To Stevie Wolf’s Chromatic Feels

“Yves Klein Blue” Tunes In To Stevie Wolf’s Chromatic Feels

“Yves Klein Blue” Tunes In To Stevie Wolf’s Chromatic Feels


The hues of human emotion will infinitely vary for as long as we continue to expand our personal perspectives.

One passionate singer/producer has expressed his exposure to an abundance of a blue aura in his seemingly black-and-white world.

Stevie Wolf’s latest single, “Yves Klein Blue,” challenges his belief of love as his lyrics question if he will ever feel genuinely understood. “I want somebody to know me, really know me, better than I know myself,” he added to the track’s Soundcloud description. Have your heart strings pulled while you experience Stevie Wolf’s blues for yourself by listening to the single here:

Yves Klein Blue — Stevie Wolf

Wolf’s fusion of guitar riffs, smooth beats, and fruity vocals have quickly aroused a sense of curiosity from alternative fans of the music world. He’s been featured by Billboard and played on NPR music over the past month.

Authentic quirkyness and vulnerability set him aside from artists who come off as taking music too seriously, a quality that can honestly make or break an aspiring musician’s image in today’s industry. Get a taste of the light-hearted image Wolf paints of himself in his Powerpoint-influenced webpage

Stevie Wolf

Stevie Wolf

Stay true to yourself, Stevie. We can’t wait to hear what you bring to the table next.

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