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[INTERVIEW] We Almost Made Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Late For A Show

I almost made Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike late. But first, let me explain. My life revolves around videos. From quelling my boredom to inspiring me to keep working, I can draw almost anything I do back to something I saw on a screen and when I found out I had the chance to interview […]

[CONCERT RECAP] Japandroids Still Brings The Noise 10 Years Later

There are moments in my life where I grit my teeth and, as if it was the only move I could make to save my life, I go forth and make that next immediate moment mine. It’s usually something meaningless – like an all-or-nothing yank of the blankets or an exertion in the gym that […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Tycho’s Epoch – A Recommend-Worthy Evolution

I’m “friends” with a girl – She once threatened to steal my parents’ porch chairs. I’m sure I was a horse’s ass at some point. We saw each other at a show a little while ago and buried the hatchet. I think. – that had a fantastic way of describing why some people listen to […]

Mamby on the Beach Brings Fresh Festival Vibes to Chicago

Here’s the thing about festivals: if you’ve been to one, that first one is such a culture shock, but that shock dissipates pretty quick. Go to three or more and you’ll hear, say or think a variation of the following: “She’s really wearing that…and she’s really wearing that!” “It’s how much for a t-shirt?” “I […]

[HIP-HOP] Snakehips: Undefined & Unlimited – “Money On Me” ft. Anderson .Paak

I’m not new to this, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve got a grasp on the categories these days. From “shoegaze” to “acid jazz” to “chillwave” to “trap,” my confusion regarding genres and worry about hitting the wrong target in front of pretty girls with crazy haircuts prompts me to simply make shit up. […]