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Bishop Briggs Dreams About Overcoming Depth & Darkness In New Music Video


London-born singer Bishop Briggs, who stood and delivered her massive single “River” last year, premiered the video for her new single “Dream,” directed by Dano Cerny.

It’s a seamless video that leaves no room to lose an audience, with long, stabilized takes guided by well-placed light sources and Bishop, who marches to the beat. She’s got a sharp gaze and passioned moves that walk along well with the song… and the rest of her imagined bandmates.

There’s a “perfect balance of strength and vulnerability,” which is the exact mindset Bishop was in while writing the song – A true “dream state,” where movements are made but ill-defined.

The colors and behaviors of others are trackable but not memorable, and don’t stand out, keeping the focus on Bishop who is insanely talented.

Gifted, dope af… however you want to put it, it isn’t hyperbole: she can really sing.

I dove in on her Youtube & Instagram clips and noticed that she has a distinct grip on her vibe: biting and a bit dark, but vibrant.

Dano Cerny, the video’s director, clearly has a strong grasp on the vision as well. He’s put together some monumentally popular music videos as of late – The Chainsmoker’s “Closer” and multiple Galantis videos reside on his resumé – and his ascension goes hand-in-hand with his talent and pursuit to involve issues in music videos less-courageous directors wouldn’t.

Speaking of, here’s a clip on Bishop’s IG of the two of them working together on a sequence.


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“I’m really proud of this music video,” says Bishop Briggs.

“I feel like Dano very fearlessly dove into the mindset of a dream sequence; full of characters and haunting visuals. It was really important that “Dream” kept the balance of strength and total vulnerability – which was my exact headspace when it was being written. It’s a rare moment when you truly feel that the visual matches the words you’ve written on the paper but I think Dano proves that there can be perfect harmony between the worlds.”

I’d love to see the storyboards or shotlist for “Dream”. Putting visuals to a song like this one, with heartfelt lyrics and impassioned vocals.

bishop briggs dream

I could totally see this video coming to fruition as a tearjerker, or something more solemn, with her “truth being buried down inside.” But the addition of that clap-along marching beat keeping things kinetic was a fantastic move.

Proof that things don’t need to be grandiose to make a point, “Dream” is a great video to draft behind for someone looking to match a poignant song with a memorable video without blowing through a budget.

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