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Take A Tour Of South Korea With Def Manic In “HoneyBerry”


For anyone getting into making music videos, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

For Def Manic, that somewhere is South Korea.

Now, there are a slew of “moves” or “tricks of the trade” that are prevalent in a lot of music videos today – but that doesn’t mean using them is bad.

There’s an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality that’s running rampant in putting together music videos these days and frankly, it’s a dope look.

Great angles and visuals, colorful shots and settings, slow-motion cutting to slower-motion… There’s a checklist for videos these days and “HoneyBerry”, the debut single from Def Manic, runs down the whole list.

Watch Def Manic Honeyberry below:

Don’t take that as a diss: It’s edited very well, hits on all the street wear, “Highsnobiety” notes and keeps things moving with stabilized pans and active shots.

Still, during my first viewing, I said to myself, “I’ve seen this before.”

There’s a ton of reasons to watch “HoneyBerry” repeatedly, though.

For one, dude’s got solid flow for a freshman release.

If you’re down with A$AP Rocky or anyone else that’s leaning heavy on lean-heavy lyrics and vocal effects, this is right in your wheelhouse.

It’s also a fantastic showcase of South Korea and how fun it must be to mill around those streets and kick it with the cool kids.

def manic honeyberry

Award-winning director and editor, Peejay/PJ Svoboda, has a plethora of solid work under his belt and there’s definitely a lot of ways that he flexed on this, but I also wonder if or why they couldn’t have stepped things up creatively and thrown something in the mix that wasn’t as generic as zoom-cuts and glitch-transitions.

For a first offering from Def Manic, it’s promising. His debut EP, 3MOTIONS, comes out October 31st, which will surely have more to dive into.

Here’s to hoping they keep producing together and step things up visually, because they’ve got the vibe down pat with this one.

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