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Modern Me Let’s Go In Upbeat Indie-Rock Single “Dead To Me”

You stood out to me. You were a mystery. Now you’re out of my life and you’re “Dead To Me”. Dead to me, but not forgotten. How else to let go of the emotion holding me down? Irony in itself, looking back in the act of trying not to look back. Singing helps, it seems. […]

Amen Dunes Is Waging A War Against The Rock ‘N’ Roll Confines

Amen Dunes is Waging A War Against the Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Confines &  Resistance is Futile.  Damon McMahon’s not one for labels. Unless of course, one’s speaking about his Brooklyn-based Sacred Bones, which boasts an offbeat array of artists like Jenny Hval, The Soft Moon, and Zola Jesus, to name a few. Sonically speaking, McMahon’s on the […]

Little Brother Eli Gives A Proper Middle Finger To Vanity In “Tooth”

Walking by a glass wall, checking yourself out. That thing you hold so dear is sinking this ship. “I get this migraine every time you smile.” It’s crazy to think what drew me in is pushing me away. Vanity takes its toll. You realize the glass walls don’t have social feeds, right? It was smooth […]

The Unlikely Candidates Confess All In New Video For “Oh My Dear Lord”

The first step in dealing with addiction is admitting you have a problem. The Unlikely Candidates have no problem admitting, it’s the quitting they can’t quit. “I’ve been running wild had a good time, but I can’t stop now.” Life is great, the money’s rolling in, women turn their heads when I walk by. Things […]

Sleep State Highlights High School Awkwardness In Indie-Pop Single

High School. There is hardly a context in which humans cut their teeth in awkwardness so ruthlessly. “I’m an expert at living in discomfort.” Too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet. Too prude, too slutty, too weird, too perfect. It was a barrier to some, a challenge for others, and a call to action […]