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Little Quirks Meet Their Edgier Folk Rock Selves In New Video

Aren’t we all searching for our true selves in one way or another? Through searching and self-discovery, all female troupe, Little Quirks, unwinds both sides of their inner beauty. We could all use a little soul searching as we move into the New Year. Isn’t that what the New Year’s all about, anyway? After all, […]

Aaron Taos Has Us Feeling All Twisted & Tongue-Tied In New Single

When I see you I get all shook up. I don’t know what it is, but I’m drunk and high on this love-feeling. Then I start stuttering and talking fast when you’re around. Of course, I’ll go over it all in my head a thousand times later. What perfume do you put off that has […]

Need To Open Up More? Stage Republic Is Here To Help

Are you afraid to open up to others? If so, chances are you’re missing out on a whole new world with amazing new people. Don’t believe me? Just ask Stage Republic, the Netherlands-based musician who got to work with one of the best in the biz just by starting a conversation in a restaurant. “In […]

MGMT Drops Video for New Single “When You Die” & It’s A Trip

Anyone who’s been paying attention over the past few months knows MGMT is up to something. They made the festival circuit over the summer and recently debuted a video for their 80’s Dance-Punk single “Little Dark Age”. This track marked a pretty substantial departure from the almost childlike approach to psychedelia that characterized their early […]