[QUICK MIX – DEEP HOUSE] Joe Hertz – Deep House London Mix #047


As we spin onwards toward the next trend, one thing remains strongly apparent in many facets of the world at the moment, and that thing is class. I see it in Instagram posts, street art, underground hip-hop and electronic music, food trucks, record stores, start-ups, etc. I’m talking about class like the way your great […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Ritual – “Low Season”


Reminiscing on the first time I cried over lost “love”; I must have been 14 having lost him because I looked 17 and yet claimed to be 19. I still carry the chain around my neck of our first thirtydaysary, what an idiotic concept but I was in love with having a reason to skip […]

[HOUSE/INDIETRONICA] Atlas Bound – “Tell Me” (Luca Lush Remix)

Luca Lush

The constant. It’s more apparent now than ever before. We’re like speeding missiles, fired toward one another and toward everything in every direction. It’s this uneasy feeling, this creeping anxiousness of our own unknown landing that has inevitably left us with the assumption that we are the fixed value in this expansive, growing context that […]



French label/collective On and On recently released a stacked compilation album titled 1Ø1, including twenty-two beats that fade in and out of hip-hop, trap, future r&b, jazz, indietronica, and soft pop. With vibrant sythns, deep bass lines, heavy and intricate production, and solid percussion/beat structures, there truly isn’t a bad instrumental on this album. A […]


sailor & i

Sweat. I’ve left an outline of my palm on the window, staring, thinking, hearing my own heart stumble. Not again. It hasn’t even been a week since the last sunrise phone call I received with a similar context – someone is gone. A loved one has been taken from us. A fragment of my book […]

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