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In the realm of dance music and electronic producers, there definitely seems to be a theme of this chilled-out, easy-going theme of relaxed beats, slowed down house, and funky/soul/R&B undertones and rhythms. The popularity of vocal edits and vocal samples is truly changing the way beats and instrumental dance tracks are created. There is so much […]

[QUICK MIX - CHILL/MELODIC HOUSE] unueberlegt – “Schmetterlingseffekt (Butterfly Effect)” [Free Download]

[QUICK MIX - CHILL/MELODIC HOUSE] unueberlegt - "Schmetterlingseffekt (Butterfly Effect)" [Free Download]

I was completely lost at what exactly the title of this mix was trying to tell me, so thank goodness for 21st century tech like Babel Fish. What I found out were two things. The first is that “Schmetterlingseffekt” translated to “Butterfly Effect” – the title of this 2+ hours of bliss – and second, […]

[THE DAILY SWIM] Kicks N Licks – “Lost & Found” [Free Download]

[THE DAILY SWIM] Cherokee ft. Darianna - "Don't Matter" (FKJ remix)

Welcome to The Daily Swim, a running series on The Sights and Sounds. As a daily swimmer, water has always served as a dichotomy to my psyche – wholly and unswervingly calming in it’s vast simplicity yet at the same time able to harness and create massive amounts of energy. Which is exactly the type […]

[DARK INDIE/SLOWCORE] The Antlers – Familiars (Album Review)


The Antlers surprise us with every release, showing above all how much devastatingly beautiful diversity is possible within a relatively constrained stylistic range. Their break from 2009′s lo-fi dark-indie Hospice to 2011′s orchestral, atmospheric Burst Apart was greater than their latest shift to Familiars, but departs lyrically, instrumentally, and sonically in ways that expand the […]

[ELECTRONIC / DEEP HOUSE] EDX – Breathin’ (Extended Vocal Mix)

avatars-EDX 500x500

You’re riding shotgun in the imaginary convertible driven by the boyfriend you don’t have. The breeze is swiftly flying through your hair like it does in the movies (not making birds nests and not tying bugs into it) but beautifully parallel to the cars direction. The setting is perfect. Driving down a speed road alongside […]

[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] London Grammar – “Hey Now” (Arty Remix)

[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] London Grammar - "Hey Now" (Arty Remix)

If you’re a night owl such as myself, you’ll find you spend a lot of time alone at your computer during the twilight hours. I find it quite peaceful, the lack of any outside distractions allowing me to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. As the hours progress, I tend to find myself […]

[QUICK MIX - CHILLED] Mightyfools – ‘Built For The Chill Vol. 21′ Presented by Thump

[QUICK MIX - CHILLED] Mightyfools - 'Built For The Chill Vol. 21' Presented by Thump

“DJs are specialized in moving dance floors. But what happens when they come home after a long weekend, kick back and chill out? Listen to our Built for the Chill Mix Series to find out. Every week on Sunday, when you need it the most.” This week’s session comes from Dutch producer duo Mightyfools. Hit […]

[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Coldplay – “Midnight” (Kygo Remix)

[CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Coldplay - "Midnight" (Kygo Remix)

Some artists take years developing a sound they can call their own, often spending endless hours and countless all nighters in front of their work space pouring over every detail of their craft. Live bands, too, have a seemingly endless tour schedule, opening in front of meager crowds in a continual effort to spread their […]

[ELECTRONIC] William Arcane – “Reflected” & “Fade”

[ELECTRONIC] William Arcane – "Reflected" & "Fade"

Euphoria and introspection. Nights out clubbing are seemingly always marked by those two states. There are those crystallizing moments that even in our most inebriated states, we never forget. At the height of the evening, you feel like everything has fallen into place and you forget the world around you. But after the house lights […]



Windy City production trio Autograf will be making a stop through renowned Chicago nightclub, The MID, tonight for a show with Lane 8. To get ready for the get down, we’re featuring Autograf’s newest mix for THUMP; brandishing a blend of future house, dance and disco for a groove that’s impossible not to move to. […]

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