[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -”Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Owl Eyes -"Something About Us" (Daft Punk Cover)

Sometimes you just want to tell another person how madly you burn for them, craving their words and needing their affection so bad that it literally keeps you up at night, knawing at your grey matter until it turns to mush. You long for this person and constantly crave their company – and perhaps you’re […]

[QUICK MIX - CHILLED] FKJ – Eton Messy Music Records Mix

[QUICK MIX - CHILLED] FKJ - Eton Messy Music Records Mix

Enjoy this new mix from FKJ who played in London and Bristol on Eton Messy Music Record’s Autumn Tour. “Soulful tracks that inspired me, and a few of mines. No predominant style, no rules. Cheers” – FKJ     TRACKLIST 1- Freddie Joachim – Strawberries 2- Blu – A letter 3- Booster feat Juan Rozoff […]

[CHILL/BASS] The Weeknd – “Professional” (Kicks N Licks Remix) [Free Download]

[CHILL/BASS] The Weeknd - "Professional" (Kicks N Licks Remix) [Free Download]

TGIF, everyone! Here’s to another great weekend and to another great remix of The Weeknd. California production duo Kicks N Licks have upped the game with their synth injected, electronic take on the downtempo indie track “Professional,” and it’s a perfect jam for your late night forays. The layered trap rhythms and slowburning electro chords […]

[QUICK MIX - CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Basenji – The Ripe Guest Mix

[QUICK MIX - CHILL/ELECTRONIC] Basenji - The Ripe Guest Mix

Grab your free download of Basenji’s ‘The Ripe Guest Mix’ here.    

[THE DAILY SWIM] Pixel Fix – “Awake”

[THE DAILY SWIM] Pixel Fix - "Awake"

Welcome to The Daily Swim, a running series on The Sights and Sounds. As a daily swimmer, water has always served as a dichotomy to my psyche – wholly and unswervingly calming in it’s vast simplicity yet at the same time able to harness and create massive amounts of energy. Which is exactly the type […]

[CHILL/TRAP] Maribou State – “Scarlett Groove” (Hexes Remix)

[CHILL/TRAP] Maribou State - "Scarlett Groove" (Hexes Remix)

The winter months always offer a sense of calm to me. While the cold gives little reprieve for the body, the general feeling of “It’s way to shitty out to do anything but sit under a blanket” runs deep. That hibernation mode seems to catch contagious for a lot of people – especially in the […]

[CHILL/HIP HOP] Bishop Nehru – “You Stressin’” (Produced by Disclosure)

[CHILL/HIP HOP] Bishop Nehru - "You Stressin'" (Produced by Disclosure)

It’s a chill evening in the chilly city of Chicago as the temps plummet further south and my thermostat heads north. So a chill new track is exactly what I need to wrap myself up in at the moment. With slick vibes courtesy of Disclosure, NY rapper Bishop Nehru glides effortlessly through chorus and verse […]

[CHILL/DANCE] Jai Paul – “Jasmine” (Paper Diamond Edit) [Free Download]

[CHILL/DANCE] Jai Paul - "Jasmine" (Paper Diamond Edit)

Chill and dancey are not two words I would normally use to describe Paper Diamond‘s usual bass heavy, trap infused sounds. However, the Colorado producer has taken a decidedly different approach to Jai Paul‘s single, “Jasmine,” using exactly those two words. Bouncy, with a fat bass and funky guitar, PD’s edit is ripe for dancing […]

[QUICK MIX - CHILL] Wildcat! Wildcat! – ‘this winter, we’re just gonna chill’

[QUICK MIX - CHILL] Wildcat! Wildcat! - 'this winter, we're just gonna chill'

“a little holiday mixtape from us to you. this is what you might hear if W!W! did a 2am DJ set at a promethazine sponsored house party on a rainy night in december. enjoy!!” – Wildcat! Wildcat!     Tracklist: 0:00-3:19 > evenings / friend (lover) 3:20-6:00 > dpat / deloused 6:01-9:31 > how to […]

[CHILL/BASS] Basenji – “Dawn”

[CHILL/BASS] Basenji - "Dawn"

Australia, you’ve done it again. The country has been relentless in it’s tirade against bad music – it simply doesn’t allow it’s artists to produce any – with the newest release from Basenji patriotically following the down under gold standard. Chances are you may not have heard of Basenji quite yet, the young Sydney producer […]

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