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[ELECTRO FUNK] Big Gigantic Takes Funk to a New Level With Help From Griz In ‘Cmon’

Some people go to work in an office every day; others work as doctors, some as teachers. But there are a few people out there that spend their days crafting the funkiest and grooviest tunes you can possibly find. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, better known as Big Gigantic by their fans, have created quite […]

[FREE DOWNLOAD] The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Remix)

I need ya I need ya I need you right now.  Heard the original. Wished for a remix. Stumbled upon Illenium. Provided a remix. Melody too perfect. Vocals tenaciously graceful. This sparked that little fire in the pit of my stomach that I’m sure you’ve all felt. The sudden jolt of lightening that straightens you […]

[BASS] Thelem – “Haunted Harmonics VIP”

Never one to hold back with his explosive productions, bass artist Thelem has just dropped a brand new track for his followers to lap up, the unforgiving “Haunted Harmonics VIP”, which also comes as a free download. If you have caught any other of his sounds, you will know Thelem means business with his music. […]

[MELODIC MUSIC] A Week of Sounds from Me & MrSuicideSheep

Sometimes it’s challenging to select one track at a time to focus on. Sometimes it’s challenging to even find one track worth your time to focus on. I found five. They didn’t fall into my lap from accident. MrSuicideSheep has been an outlet for my following for some time… however a recent endeavour has allowed […]


Letting down our walls is one of the hardest things as a human being. To truly open up the deepest parts of our soul with another person means that we are a real person. We struggle to do this. We stumble and trip over our words. We get confused sometimes with what we wanted to […]