[TROPICAL HOUSE] Eastside – “Ellie” (Win & Woo Remix) [Free Download]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Eastside - "Ellie" (Win & Woo Remix)

  I love my late nights. It’s the time when the world calms down, the city goes to sleep, and I get time to catch up on all the day’s activities. It’s when I get to really catch up on music, see what my social life is up to, and generally kick back. It’s no […]

[QUICK MIX] Above & Beyond – Robot Heart Yoga: Burning Man 2014 (Free Download)

[QUICK MIX] Above & Beyond - Robot Heart Yoga: Burning Man 2014 (Free Download)

  Many depict Burning Man to be this wild and crazy party in the desert. And it is. But Burning Man is much, much more than just booze and music at 4:30 AM on another planet. It’s also art and creativity, human emotion and expression, highs and lows, and anything else you can imagine. One […]

[THE DAILY SWIM] Oh Wonder – “Body Gold” (Louis The Child Remix)

[THE DAILY SWIM] Oh Wonder - "Body Gold" (Louis The Child Remix)

  Welcome to The Daily Swim, a running series on The Sights and Sounds. As a daily swimmer, water has always served as a dichotomy to my psyche – wholly and unswervingly calming in it’s vast simplicity yet at the same time able to harness and create massive amounts of energy. Which is exactly the […]

[QUICK MIX – NO GENRE] GoodSex – “GENRE(LESS)” [Free Download]


  There comes a time in every music lover’s career when, by some strange witchcraft or voodoo, nothing coming out of your speakers seems to be hitting your sweet spot. You sit there in frustration hitting the >> button desperately searching for the first few measures that will continue on to satiate your craving. Isn’t […]

[ELECTRO HOUSE] KDrew – “Tonight” (Free Download)


  After the widespread success that was his recent single “Signals”, KDrew offers up the next track from his EP of the same name. This exciting producer, otherwise known as Kevin Drew, seems to go from strength to strength with every new piece of material he offers, blending pop elements with the dance floor beats. […]

[QUICK MIX] L.A.M.P. Weekly Mix #41 ft. Mr Puzl [FREE DOWNLOAD]


 Click play and kick back as MR PUZL takes us on a ride through wide open spaces rich with deep house, low end jazz melodies, growling bass, soulful vocal samples, and subtle tech house tracks that have been some of the recent favorites of MR PUZL. He selected an interesting and diverse collection of songs that […]



  A distant land where the rivers of rhythm never run dry and the melodies in the wind are only the most soulful and powerful. That’s where I want to be. Where the combination of noises are vibrant with life, with tone, with volume. Luckily, this place exists and we’re going to take a sonic […]

[TROPICAL HOUSE] Mynga feat. Cosmo Klein – “Back Home” (Thomas Jack remix)


  I’ve never been much for astrology because every Cancer profile I’ve ever read has confidently pronounced that I must be an introverted homebody, an ugly little ball of emotion who seeks shelter beneath her own thick skin. Anyone who knows me well would tell you quite the opposite; I returned from a solo trip […]

[NEWS/DUBSTEP] Diskord Sign To Circus Records & Drop “Go Hard”

Diskord - ART

  Everyone loves a freebie don’t they? Well there’s another opportunity to get some gratis music courtesy of Diskord. It’s a celebration giveaway too: the bass loving Bristolians, who only emerged on the scene just over a year ago, recently penned a deal which officially drafts them into the Circus Records family, the label owned […]

[ELECTRONIC] The Neighbourhood ft. Kina Grannis – “Sweater Weather” (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix) [Free Download]

The Neighbourhood ft. Kina Grannis - "Sweater Weather" (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)

  Perhaps it’s cliche that I’m writing about this track as the cold front begins to descend across Chicago, dropping the temps comfortably into “Sweater Weather” territory – or maybe it’s just super relevant. Either way, this time of year always doubles down on nostalgia in the form of dusty coats and wooly socks. As […]

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