[CHILLED] Zedd – “Find You” (Sci-Fi Scheme Remix) [Free Download]

[CHILLED] Zedd - "Find You" (Sci-Fi Scheme Remix) [Free Download]

Sometimes life just doesn’t give you a single breath of fresh air as you struggle under the constant demands of life, surrounded by impending deadlines and expectations – drowning under the pressures of all that needs to be done. I see it everywhere – hell, I’m guilty of it on a daily basis – repeating […]

[Trap/Electronic] Rudebrat – Never Sweet, Never Bitter


I’ve already grown accustom to sharing lots of dubstep with all you fine folks, but today I’m going to shake things up a bit. Hopefully that’s okay, because boy do I have a wonderful track here for you! Defined as trap soul electronic, according to Rudebrat, this producer’s most recent release is a catchy combination […]

[ELECTRONIC/TRAP] Ryan Hemsworth – “Ryan Must Be Destroyed” (Wave Racer Remix)

[ELECTRONIC/TRAP] Ryan Hemsworth – "Ryan Must Be Destroyed" (Wave Racer Remix)

It’s true when they say things are better in pairs. Double your pleasure, double your fun. right? And who isn’t down for a two way any day? So when I saw this pair of hot ticket producers’ names in one title, I couldn’t hit play fast enough. Two of my favorites in electronic music at […]

[ELECTRONICA] Night Cruise – “Sunsets” + “Mah Body (Say My Wat)” [Free Download]

[ELECTRONICA] Night Cruise - "Sunsets" + "Mah Body (Say My Wat)"

Chicago’s weather is a cruel bitch. With temperatures reaching near 60 degrees over the last couple days, it seems only rational that it should snow 17 inches tomorrow, right? Such is the schizophrenic psycho attitude of the Windy City. With sun and warmth drenching the city, Monday’s beautiful weather not only brought out the shorts […]

[Dubstep/Trap] Disclosure – Latch (Silverback Remix)


Disclosure has done a great job of distinguishing themselves as one of the premier names in popular music today. When these types of things happen, tons of remixes inevitably follow, and where there are remixes, filthy dubstep tends to lurk somewhere in the shadows. Silverback is a producer that I was not actually familiar with […]

[CHILL/TRAP] Maribou State – “Scarlett Groove” (Hexes Remix)

[CHILL/TRAP] Maribou State - "Scarlett Groove" (Hexes Remix)

The winter months always offer a sense of calm to me. While the cold gives little reprieve for the body, the general feeling of “It’s way to shitty out to do anything but sit under a blanket” runs deep. That hibernation mode seems to catch contagious for a lot of people – especially in the […]

[Trapstep] heRobust – Get Busted


Just in case you can’t make it out to the club this weekend, Hayden Kramer, aka heRobust, is about to help you get equally as wild in the confines of your own home. The young trap phenom has been getting into all types of mischief with his maniacal tracks, the latest of which is an […]

[TRAP/HIP HOP] Kanye West – “Good Life” (Party Ghost Remix) [Free Download]

[TRAP/HIP HOP] Kanye West - "Good Life" (Party Ghost Remix) [Free Download]

Taking a beat from Yeezy’s heydey (back when he was getting critical acclaim for his music rather than his actions), Californian producer Party Ghost has given Kanye‘s “Good Life” an uplifting remix that’s both throwback and uniquely modern. Succulent synths and syncopated trap sounds run amock in the dancey update, which lays down the nostalgia […]

[QUICK MIX - ELECTRO/BASS] BONES – ‘Halloween Mix 2013′

[QUICK MIX - ELECTRO/BASS] Bones - 'Halloween Mix 2013'

“Just in time for your frightful festivities, I give you this years installment to my Halloween mix series. Unlike the DEEP END, this mix ventures into the harder, the heavier, the retched and the rave. I kept it to 30 minutes so you can get your chills quicker and straight to the vein. Be sure […]

[BASS/TRAP] Lorde – “Royals” (Huglife Remix)

[BASS/TRAP] Lorde - "Royals" (Huglife Remix)

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, better known by her stage name Lorde, has proven that you don’t need to have a lifetime of experiences behind you to write a hit song. Born in 1996 – yes, that is not very long ago for of us old balls – Lorde’s platinum hit single “Royals” is now being played on […]

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