[TRAP] Feature Cuts Challenged Himself To Release New Music Every Day

[TRAP] Feature Cuts Challenged Himself To Release New Music Every Day

[TRAP] Feature Cuts Challenged Himself To Release New Music Every Day


There’s a popular theory out there that says it takes no less than 10,000 hours to master a skill. I think that theory is bullshit. And, as it turns out, it is. However, practicing is not bullshit, and no matter how you look at it, you have to practice and work pretty fucking hard to become a master in anything – I’ve been doing English for 30 years and still can’t get it straight sometimes.

As March slowly turns to April, this is about the time when those itchy 2017 goals and dreams begin to fizzle and become filed back away into a manila marked “Someday”. Who can make it to the gym 3x a week? And what kind of person has time to practice the flute for an hour day?

Well, for starters, YOU CAN! I want to make a stand for you and with you – right here and now – to take on mastery in your life. Want to be the Kobayashi of Limbo Skating? Or perhaps the Bruce Lee of Extreme Pen Spinning? You better start practicing, yo, ’cause that shit ain’t easy.

If mastering creativity is something you want in your life (although I would argue that you can only master the practice of creativity, as opposed to creativity itself), then you better be prepared for a helluva lot of head banging, late nights, and bouts of insane inspiration. Leading a life of a creative master is certainly not an easy task, but it can be done. Feature Cuts is proving that every day, right now.

Sporting the Anonymous favored Guy Fawkes mask, Austin-based producer Feature Cuts has taken on this challenge to practice and create new sounds every day. I applaud the effort and support the cause. I think more music producers need to be taking this kind of approach to their creativity. After all, does DJing more or less the same show to sold out audiences every night actually make you a better music producer? Some might argue it does – I think actually getting your fingers dirty digging up the garden of music will be of better value, but I’m no music producer.

Each track takes on a slightly different tonality and texture, depending on the feeling or instrumentation surrounding it, but they all feel like part of a larger whole – an indication that Feature Cuts is giving each his own unique stylistic elements. Largely accumulating in the realm of downtempo trap, tracks like “Cookies”, “Chirp”, and “Paper” all seem to indicate some type of inspiration behind the scenes, but could just as easily be as ambiguous as “I Love Lamp.” Either way, the sounds create the perfect overcoat for creativity; warm and fuzzy and begging you to put it on while you cozy up with your next big idea.

“I’ve been playing with a lot of new sounds lately as a way to challenge myself within the productions. Taking a piece from Iron Chef, I give myself a random instrument to build the track around. This time it was the organ. Here’s a preview of the result.”

Make sure to follow Feature Cuts on Soundcloud to follow his daily progress and if you need even more motivation to go out and master a skill, head over to his Twitter and soak in some of the wisdom.

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