Athena Joy Finds Herself On “Repeat” In Moody New Single

Athena Joy Finds Herself On “Repeat” In Moody New Single

Athena Joy Finds Herself On “Repeat” In Moody New Single


Stuck in a rut – it’s safer to stay then try and climb out.

Athena Joy speaks to the sullen human nature of repeating repeating repeating what doesn’t serve us.

The questions pull me in every direction. What happens if…? What about…? When do I…?

So instead of making any decision at all, we curl under the covers of self-doubt – it’s better not to think at all.

So instead we repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat.

If only the grass wasn’t wilted on both sides of the fence – or so it appears. So again, we repeat. repeat. repeat.

Athena Joy fuses guitar and dark synth to capture the sullen nature of being trapped in a repetitive pattern of human behavior – stuck between the of fear being hurt and the fear of being alone.

Stream Athena Joy – “Repeat” below:

Angelic vocals and immersive, vulnerable lyrics combine to create Athena Joy‘s heartfelt sound. At only 22 years old, this Gold Coast artist captivates with a subtle pop tone and an emotional, moody edge that we look forward to hearing develop over her career.

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