The Maestro of Mesmerizing Dance Music: Hernan Cattaneo’s Balance Mix & Tour Dates

The Maestro of Mesmerizing Dance Music: Hernan Cattaneo’s Balance Mix & Tour Dates

The Maestro of Mesmerizing Dance Music: Hernan Cattaneo’s Balance Mix & Tour Dates



​Hernan Cattaneo, the maestro of mystical dance music, brings us a divine double disc compilation of entirely unreleased material from his Sudbeat label.  The mix comes by way of collaboration with the globally renowned Balance Music as part of the Aussie record company’s series to promote independent electronic and indie labels.

Religious fans of Hernan’s incredible Burning Man White Ocean Sunrise Set will be delighted with the ethereal, liquid quality of the Balance mix; Disc 1 begins the journey with atmospheric, hypnotic vibes that stray away from dancefloor beats and enter the range of music to listen to at home, at work, or at the beach–even (gasp) music you can listen to with your parents.  I was transported to a remote South American beach, surrounded by rainforests practically bursting with lush greens and transparent water, the humidity giving my skin a constant, heady sheen of sweat as I melt into the powder-fine sand.  The first disc is a testament to Hernan’s dynamic ability to cross sonic realms with wizard-like ease.

I snap out of my reverie when Disc 2 begins, picking up the tempo with Arabesque melodies that put an automatic, innate sway to my hips.  From the distant, solemn pianos abound on Dance Spirit’s “Kaleidoscope” to the thick grooviness of Guy Mantzur’s “Requiem For Us,” and to driving, grandiose tracks like Cattaneo and Soundexile’s “Pressure Drop” and Guy J’s “Brothers Vibe,” Disc 2 takes me to decadent lounges in exotic locales with beautiful strangers, sipping potent drinks as the moments of the night blend and blur together with the progression of the tracks.  Hernan brings the mesmerizing progressive music we’ve come to know and love from his Sudbeat label and never fails to leave me feeling as thought I’ve just woken up from an incredible dream that I can’t quite remember.

If the Balance mix has you wanting more from Hernan and the Sudbeat crew, don’t despair–Hernan is embarking on a North American tour in March that will hi Washington D.C., Brooklyn, Montreal, Miami Music Week, and Chicago.  I personally plan on catching him at Flash in my base city of DC and during Miami Music Week at the groundbreaking Rapture Festival and the iconic Treehouse club.

Take a listen to the Balance mix below or buy on Beatport. 

Hernan Cattaneo North America Tour Dates
March 16  Washington D.C. @ Flash
March 17  Brooklyn, NY @ Output
March 18  Montreal, Canada @ Stereo
March 21  Miami, FL @ Biscayne Lady Yacht – Never Get Out of the Boat
March 23  Miami, FL @ Rapture Electronic Music Festival
March 24  Miami, FL @ Treehouse Miami
March 25  Chicago, IL @ Sound Bar
May 24-29  Bradley, CA @ Lightning in a Bottle


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