Corporate Slackrs’ Release Emotive Single “Faith” Featuring Eliason

Corporate Slackrs’ Release Emotive Single “Faith” Featuring Eliason

Corporate Slackrs’ Release Emotive Single “Faith” Featuring Eliason


Melodic, raw, and emotive, the new Corporate Slackrs’ single “Faith” hits all the right chords. The second single featured Corporate Slackrs’ forthcoming EP release, their dexterous and ingenious production is accompanied by deep and profound lyrics from renowned vocalist Eliason. An amalgamation of genres and texturized sounds, their creative edge translates into a harmonious, bass-filled, tear-jerking, and passionate choir-like experience. “Faith” demonstrates the talented duo’s ability to seamlessly intertwine dance music with R&B, gospel, and pop flavors.

“Faith” is a record about begging someone to take one more chance (knowing that you probably don’t deserve it). I remember working with Devin and AJ on this song at their studio, and that Devin already had the idea for the chorus and the name: “Faith”. He showed me the instrumental and, having grown up in the church, I was immediately excited – it had this real gospel element that I loved, and a big stomp section like “We Will Rock You.” The verses just kind of spilled out, and I took Devin’s idea for the chorus and we strung it all together. 

I can really understand the feeling of knowing that you’re broken and damaged, but wanting redemption. It’s not healthy to seek salvation in someone else, but it’s very human. I think we channeled all of that for this song, and I am really proud of it. 

– Grant (Eliason)

Corporate Slackrs’ forthcoming High & Lows EP recounts the experience of the young and ambitious duo’s cross country move from Florida to Los Angeles in hope of a bright future as artists in the modern electronic music landscape. The EP further builds on the trials and tribulations that reflect their experience and the events that have genuinely impacted them in their new west coast life.

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