[BREAKING] Video Surfaces Teasing Daft Punk ‘Alive 2017’ Tour

[BREAKING] Video Surfaces Teasing Daft Punk ‘Alive 2017’ Tour

[BREAKING] Video Surfaces Teasing Daft Punk ‘Alive 2017’ Tour


Try not to freak out try not to freak out try not to freak out try not to freak out try not to freak out try not to freak out try not to freak out…. we’re FREAKING OUT! Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Let’s try to focus on the facts at hand and stay away from speculation. It’s damn hard when we, at TSAS, are freaking out about the potential of a Daft Punk Alive 2017 tour. Here’s what we know.

A rogue youtube account that teased the Alive 2017 announcement on January 1st is back to spread hope for a potential Daft Punk tour in 2017. Now, The Sights and Sounds has no reason to believe that the youtube account is associated with Daft Punk in any way. The youtube video was accompanied by GPS coordinates that possibly tease dates for a world tour.

One you-tuber points out that if the numbers were real GPS locations, “the first one would be in a desert in Chad” FACT magazine reports. As previous rumors were not substantiated, The Sights and Sounds has no reason to believe that this video holds any merit. Here’s to hoping we will be losing ourselves to dance this summer.

Check out the video below.


Photo coutesy of http://www.culturecollide.com.

The following was written by staff videographer/writer, Travis Hawkes in response on Jan. 12, 2017.

I stood at the top of a cement, dust-trodden, slow-sloping staircase as the sun began to dip behind the Chicago skyline and looked at the beautiful, roiling madness on the collection of baseball fields. So many people packed into one area, a spot that’s often untouched but for a dad hitting grounders to his kids or a group of college kids playing kickball and sneaking back to the chainlink dugout to snag a beer.

Eight stacked baseball fields enveloped in a festival, and that’s only a third of Lollapalooza, and at the other end was the main stage where Daft Punk was slated.

Last day, backpack with two pairs of clothes I’d wore the past two days, no sunscreen…I’d been a Chi-town nomad that weekend and I waded out towards the masses and step by step, over arms and ankles, I slowly made my way until, I shit you not, I couldn’t go any closer to the stage.

I made it to the railing. Front row.

I was stage-left at the midpoint of the 30-foot orange and sky blue Lollapalooza banner and I had my hands on the railing. Eventually making friends with one of the security guards that serendipitously knew a good friend I knew and was allowed to drop my backpack behind the rail.

“Couldn’t have gone any better.” I thought, and anyone that’s had the priveledge to have something to comfortably lean on in a concert knows… it’s like flying first-class. All I had to do was sit there and smile and anticipate.

They’re the kings of the build up. The have a way of easing into and controlling the release of adrenaline. They slowly turn the spigot on and off and on and off and keep the beat going and on and off… and there’s this unleash. The lights off of their set were so bright. And so big. I’ve been up front for a slew of bands but for a humongous main stage that took 60 people to build, that took another 40 to get lit so 80,000 more could get even more lit…You realize what you’re in for.

I had that wide-eyed feeling in 2007 – The pyramid flickered and faded then grew to this nuclear glow – and this Youtube video is along that same vein. A true teaser. From the crowd noise to the smash cut that immediately elicits an imagined or muffled curse word from every viewer, they gave us just enough but not nearly enough.

Glad I got to see these guys. These elite performers that’ve been doing it since before many of their fans today were glints in their parents’ eyes are back and I’ve got that same feeling now.


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