[HIP-HOP] ICYMI: Danny Brown Dropped His Most Important Music Video Yet

[HIP-HOP] ICYMI: Danny Brown Dropped His Most Important Music Video Yet

[HIP-HOP] ICYMI: Danny Brown Dropped His Most Important Music Video Yet


Hip-hop’s gonna have an insane Spring.

Just last week king Kendrick dropped his latest single ‘Humble.‘ complete with epic visuals. And it was everything we could have hoped for.

Both visually and lyrically Kendrick Lamar reminded us he’s the fuckin’ man.

But Kendrick’s video release last week may have overshadowed one of the most important messages that’s been delivered in modern hip-hop as Danny Brown also shelled out his new visuals for ‘Ain’t It Funny’. The song off his latest album ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ had its twisted visuals directed by actor-comedian Jonah Hill.

In the mock ’80’s sitcom Danny Brown stars as the dysfunctional drug addict, a murdering mother fucker named ‘Uncle Danny’. There’s blood everywhere and it’s messy as hell.

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Brown may have taken it a little far (or not far enough if you’re into this kinda stuff), but he’s got our attention in this serious set of visuals.

Hill and Brown’s satirical visuals explore a major problem of today’s hip-hop. Rappers have long opened kids up to new things. But publicly abusing xanax and cough syrup is seen from rappers more today than ever before. While some kids know the consequences, many’s perception is altered as their favorite stars perpetuate the perceived acceptance of substance consumption.

‘Ain’t It Funny’ stars the Growing Pains’ actress Joanna Kerns and Gus Van Sant as Dad.

In Danny Brown’s emotional breakdown to Dad he says,



Dad reassures him as the music swells once again. The omnipresent laugh track roars on..
Drug abuse and mental health issues cannot continued to be down played or utterly ignored in television or hip-hop.

In ‘Ain’t It Funny’ Brown reminds us that it’s ok to feel sad and fucked up sometimes. We all will encounter difficulties in our lives, some more than others, but talking about them and allowing yourself to feel is incredibly important in implementing self growth.

Let’s hope artists continue this conversation on mental health and become more cognizant of how their own behavior affects others this Spring.

Brown’s visuals may suggest drugs are only an immediate answer to problems, ones that cloud judgement. And while drugs and oppressed mental instability likely won’t lead us down a path of brutally murdering our family members, they ain’t funny.




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