[DARK INDIETRONICA] Kid Astray-Taking You With Me (Unicorn Kid Remix)

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Kid Astray-Taking You With Me (Unicorn Kid Remix)

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Kid Astray-Taking You With Me (Unicorn Kid Remix)



Take me with you. I’d gladly cross channels of midnight water and indefinite depths, with your hand in mine. I’d even paraglide over seas with war fronts around encircling each coast. It’s not like my life hasn’t been some vastly inferior metaphorical version of one, might as well risk freedom with a real enemy facing me down instead of the squabbling quandaries that punch me out now.  There’s always the chance that we’ll miss it, with all the inner strength we’ve built ‘falling from greater heights’ pushing us harder, stronger through the boundary lines that try to capture us. But if we’re going to run away together: just don’t make the breakout bolt anything less than bombastic.

Unicorn Kid’s remix of Kid Astray’s new single “Taking You With Me”  does that in spades. The original is in fine form, laying the bone path of knucklebone crumbs that will lead us on the flight out of the madness of our lives. As enthralling as that path Kid Astray started us off is, it’s the complexity of layers added by Unicorn Kid that infuse intrigue into the decision to blast off in the first place. The affective synths at the beginning stir sadness into the TNT, right before the match is lit and then burst into a gloriously celebratory pounding synths, replete with that ‘Oh shit!’ moment at the end once you realize you’re actually on this damn fine journey to either some kind of heaven or a new kind of hell.

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